RE: QRP camping trip


From: Marrie Rosenbrand (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 14:22:05 EDT

Craig LaBarge wrote
>>The first QSO out of the box on Friday was with a station signing PB8PB/QRP.
>>The QSO with the PB8PB/QRP station was an interesting start to what turned
>>out to be a real nice weekend. Anyone else hear him?
The PB prefix is indeed from the Netherlands. I can assure you that a PB8
prefix has never been and will never be issued. Only PB0's are used, and
only in the 2x3 style, like PB0AAA. Never 2x2!
Special event stations normally have a PA6 prefix. So, if you are absolutely
sure this person was signing PB8PB/qrp, you had a QRP qso with a pirate
Marrie PA3FZS

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