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From: Bruce Robertson (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 13:52:20 EDT

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, Bill Northup wrote:

> Bill asked about mounting hamsticks, I have had good luck using mirror mounitng
> brackets. I think they are designed for mounting antenna's on truck mirrors.
> I have found them at HRO and Radio Shack. They will work with small mast
> sections (like water pipe), just make sure that you have a good ground.

I use 6' whips (both Hustlers and Hamsticks) on the balcony of our
apartment building using the mirror mounting brackets Bill mentions.
Instead of a truck mirror, however, I bolt them down to a good sized
clamp for woodworking (larger than a 'C' clamp: the sort that have 12' of
flat metal for a spine). I sanded the clamping surfaces of the clamp down
to bare metal, and I sanded the pant off of a patch of the steel balcony
rail.Then I clamp the clamp to the rail: presto, an apartment antenna mount.
The result is a pretty nifty ground; I know because about once a
year rust gets in and the antennas tune differently (generally, more
I usually use more power than 5w with this set-up (qrp is for the family
cottage) but I have done 2 ARCI sprints and worked about 5 people each time.
Hope this helps the dwelling-impaired...
72, VE3UWL

Bruce G. Robertson Dept. of Classics, U. of T.

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