QRP+ Mike (tech, not sales, question)


From: Bill Acito 01-Aug-1995 0916 (acito@asdg.ENET.dec.com)
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 09:33:45 EDT

        I picked up a Radio Shack HT mike last night, with the intent of
        mod'ing it for the QRP+.
        I clipped the dual plug and put on the 1/8" stereo plug. I
        clipped the speaker and the components, and wired the two-prong
        condenser element (low impedence) and switch as described in the
        manual: tip - ptt, center - mike +, barrel - ground.
        Popped it in, keyed the mike, and the RF/S-meter pop's up to max
        (not pegged, but max). When keyed, it stays there regardless of
        the voice input, or the carrier level on the back.
        I also tried a Radio Shack three prong element to no avail...
        same problem. I've checked for shorts in the mike, and at the
        plug... looks clean.
        Can anyone think of anything stupid I might of done, before I
        call Index. I've run CW since I got the rig, so I have never
        confirmed that SSB even works.
        Direct mail is preferred, to save bandwidth.
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