8044ABM Application note?


From: John Wendler (wendler@tomcat.adc.ray.com)
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 09:39:48 EDT

Does anyone have a copy of the application note for
the Curtis 8044ABM keyer IC? I have tried to get
it from Curtis twice, without success.

My specific question is: What are the correct
components and connections associated with the
weight control and manual key sections of the

I am not certain that the circuit that
I have adapted from recent copies of the Handbook
is correct, as the keyer puts out di-dahs or
dah-dits when it should be putting out only dahs,
outside of a very narrow range on the weight control.
Inside that narrow range, the keyer operates correctly.

While I would be interested in seeing the entire application
note, and would pay for a copy, a FAX of the recommended
circuit connections for the 'ABM would help me diagnose
my immediate problems.

Thanks in advance,
John P. Wendler, P.E. e-mail: wendler@tomcat.adc.ray.com
Raytheon Advanced Device Center phone: 508-470-9433
358 Lowell St. fax: 508-470-9345
Andover, MA 01810 Callsign: N5CQU

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