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Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 06:54:22 EDT

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, Jon Iza wrote:
> Nils makes a coment on the Cirkit FC 177 module. This is a small size,
> 3 3/4 digits, LCD counter up to 4 MHz (3999 kHz).
> There was an article on (British) Ham Radio Today magazine to add
> a preamplifier and prescaler, so counter will cover all Ham HF bands.
> PCB is roughly the same size of the counter and it makes a nice sandwich.
> Should you find a module, and you need more help, let me know.
> P.S. I do have one, and works fine. The article was part of a series of
> articles from Tony Bailey, G3WPO, to build the Omega, a six bands low
> power rig with all kind of bells and whistles.
I wonder if you might make all the details available to Doug Hendricks,
editor of QRPp, who has had some good luck in arranging for reprinting
permission. If he believes that interest is high enough and can find
time from his parts counting for the new NORCAL kit, he might be able to
make the details available in print, where many of us could study them in
detail slowly. Or, if an editor of one of the other QRP journals would
like to take up the subject, they might contact you directly as a first
step in a reprint process. For many rigs, up or down counting the VFO (in
numerous kits, less than 4 MHz) last 3 kHz digits, with offsets as needed,
would answer needs. But a full HF spectrum counter is also useful.

Thanks for the notice on the idea. Wonder how many others are interested.


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