First QSO (fwd)


Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 00:56:21 EDT

Chuck, K5FO, said:
> It didn't take long for Greg, AA0XZ, a member of this
> illustrious group to pounce outta the ionosphere and say
> hi. Thanks Greg. So about 500 miles on 0.95W to his 4W.
'twas my pleasure, Chuck. Your rig sounded great.
> I marked the frequency by using the MFJ-249 SWR Analyzer
> with 2mW builtin signal generator and freq counter.

Can you get your 249 to count externally, or do you use the
signal generator as a marker? I tried 2 259's that worked great
for analyzing the SWR's on my wire antennas (my back yard
and attic look like spiderwebs), but the external counters
wouldn't work. The first one would count for a second,
then fall to zero. The replacement wouldn't even power on
until I fixed the battery connector, then it's counter was
worse. I sent it back also, and decided to swear off MFJ.
Too bad, I sure thought that was going to be a slick tool . . .

> QSL in the mail
Stamps, stamps!! where's the stamps? It's amazing how fast
those things disappear when you're having all this fun.


Greg Nunn (314) 886-1325 (work) (314) 446-0944 (home)

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