First QSO


From: chuck adams (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 00:23:43 EDT

I took the Wilderness Radio NC40a for it's first test
drive with the Super CMOS III keyer just a while ago.

I bopped down to 7.024MHz just below the band edge to
test the rig on the antenna and listen to it with the
other NC40a. I had the keyer repeat the CQ with 10
second pauses kinda like beacon while I had the headphones
on cleaning off the desk thinking that I might get it back
like the photo in CQ. :-)

It didn't take long for Greg, AA0XZ, a member of this
illustrious group to pounce outta the ionosphere and say
hi. Thanks Greg. So about 500 miles on 0.95W to his 4W.

The QRN was pretty hefty but no problem copying Greg.

I marked the frequency by using the MFJ-249 SWR Analyzer
with 2mW builtin signal generator and freq counter. Going
to use it until Wayne gets the Counter and keyer out the
door. Limited to 54 bytes of memory whereas the CMOS 3
has up to 1530 characters, not that any contest exchange
that I know of is going to require that much memory.
Maybe a beacon?

Thanks Greg,

QSL in the mail

dit dit

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60

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