qrp digital?


From: David Johnson (djohnson@acpub.duke.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 31 1995 - 16:39:52 EDT

Hi gang!

I am really getting the bug to get on some new (to me)
modes. I've listened to RS12, and hope to make some refine-
ments to my station to enable me to make some contacts
on that bird. Also, I want to try out some of the
digital modes on hf (qrp, of course). So my question is:
are there any qrp digital ops out there (besides Jim Cummings;
thanks Jim!) who can share some advice? I am interested in
what equipment people have and how they like it. I am
leaning toward the AEA DSP-2232, even though it is high-
priced, because I've heard that filtering is everything
and dsp can provide the best filtering. Also I'd like to
know how much digital activity there is on hf, I mean
making contacts, not just gateway traffic pumps. And
which modes are most used for the contacts (pactor, rtty,
etc). My little op-amp interface plus Hamcom program just
doesn't seem to do a good job, like when barely copying
a very strong rtty station; should I expect much improved
performance using a PK-900 or DSP-2232? I welcome any
and all ideas, opinions, and correspondence on the topic
of qrp hf digital communication. Thanks!!!



David W. Johnson QRP ARCI 6546
Amateur Extra WA4NID. Low power enthusiast! G-QRP 4864
email: djohnson@acpub.duke.edu NorCal 355

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