From: chuck adams (
Date: Mon Jul 31 1995 - 13:27:09 EDT

OK, so I've been quite. Tied up with a mountain of work
and did a 40 hr weekend last week and a tough week, so
now can try to get back on the air on 30M and kick Bob
White's peanut whistle around the block. :-) He was off
seeing the country side on a bike, so it's lucky for him
I was tied up. Did manage to pick up two new states this
weekend. Looks like the monsoon (sp?) season for the next
day or two with lots of QRN. Time will tell.

OK, now to the important stuff. MFP131s out the door today
and sorry for the delay to those that hadn't gotten theirs
yet. Got so many orders had to get another batch. There is
only 10,000 left in the world. :-)

Got three rigs that were sent to me recently fixed and back
to the mailbox. Good job guys and that made it easier to

One rig that I had a longer time and Bob G. will be glad
to get it back. Neat job of packing it into compact area.

Living in the back of Box 181150, Dallas, TX 75218-8150.

No room left. :-)

dit dit

p.s. See a few guys at Austin the first Saturday of Aug.

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60

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