RE: Hamstick-40


Date: Mon Jul 31 1995 - 09:32:16 EDT

>From the recommendations on QRP-L, about 10 of us bought
>Hamsticks at the ARRL convention in NH this weekend.
>I spent many hours yesterday trying to resonate it using
>the mag-mounting on the center of the roof of my aged Camry.


I've played with hamsticks on 40,20,10m and they can be tricky to tune.
Grounding seems to be one issue. I now use the MFJ SWR analyzer (love it!)
and found that it seemed to give different reading depending on how/where I
placed it, even squeezing the cabinet halfs together made it jump. I
eventually ran a copperbraid from the magmount to the trunk lip which seemed
to help with the SWR and the MFJ jumpiness.

Lakeview (and others?) sells a small coil which fits at the base with a
cliplead for some additional variable inductance. It seems to help on the
lower bands (naturally).

I'm planning to make a small aluminum base to use the hamstick as a portable
vertical with radials for camping if there are no trees for dipoles. Maybe
we'll try QRP mobile, sounds like fun.


jim, wk8g

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