From: James M Fitton 508 960 2577 (mvjf@mvubr.att.com)
Date: Mon Jul 31 1995 - 08:39:00 EDT

>From the recommendations on QRP-L, about 10 of us bought
Hamsticks at the ARRL convention in NH this weekend.
I spent many hours yesterday trying to resonate it using
the mag-mounting on the center of the roof of my aged Camry.

I tried a Millen SWR bridge, Palomar, and MFJ Noise Bridges,

Finally I settled on a combination of a Heath grid dipmeter,
MFJ frequency counter, and HB QRP SWR meter (Probably the
same stuff that is inside the good MFJ analyzer)

The antenna resonated (eventually) at the right frequency
7.040, (and also with a much stronger dip around 9 MHz)
the SWR to the rig however, was very high. The resistance
was around 7 ohms, and XL and XC were equal, measured on the
noise bridges..

I used the MFJ mobile tuner, it's meter not sensitive enough
for QRP 2 watts, even after tinkering with the sensitivity
adjustments, but with a more sensitive HB SWR bridge, was able
to (tediously) adjust the tuner for resonance.

Heard lots of stations. This morning driving into work I
called CQ and K8SZN QTH MI answered it with a 569 report
(I was driving along I93, in northern MA).
The rig was a NC-40 running at about 2 watts.

Quite a thrill..... And worth all the adjusting and a wasted
Sunday.... (?)

72 Jim W1FMR

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