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From: N1OOQ Tom R. @ MRO1 24-Jul-1995 1019 (@)
Date: Mon Jul 24 1995 - 10:51:51 EDT

> After building what seems like a gazillion single-band QRP rigs, I want to
> try my hand at a multi-bander. However, finding a decent design is harder
> than busting a QRO pile-up on 80 meters.

In the back of "Solid State Design" there is a "Contest Grade" CW receiver
project by W7ZOI and <somebody> that might work: multiband, designed for
high dynamic range, digital readout. As I recall, he tapped the VFO to drive
a separate transmitter "exciter".

Also, in "QRP Classics" is a reprint of a 4(?) part QST article (you know, the
kind they don't print anymore cuz they put 'em in QEX) by W1FB called "His
Eminence, the Receiver", in which he builds a high performance 160m RX. In
later articles, W7ZOI builds high performance matching converters for the rest
of the bands.

I realize these aren't transceivers, but by tapping the oscillators, and adding
some broadband amps and some low-pass filters, you could have it all, with a
great RX, too.

Re: general QRP comments by Jess...
Reading your post, I realized there's a real plus to building and maintaining
your own QRP equipment for us computer jockeys. I know my analog electronics
skills had gone down the tubes since school daze... too many 1s and 0s, not
enough sine waves. That's what happens when your job is too specialized! QRP
has got me back up and crunching... in fact, there's things I understand now
that I never quite picked up in school!

So there you go... QRP turns a bit basher into a well-rounded electronics dude.

-Tom R. N1OOQ

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