Re: Multi-band Transceiver


From: Frank, G3YCC (
Date: Sat Jul 22 1995 - 05:24:22 EDT

Hello Bill. There is one kit supplier in UK who markets a multiband rig,
called Hands Elec., which I can send info of if you need his address, but
haven't had any experience of it. Also, one firm does a kit for a multiband
synthesiser, Kanga, but you can get those in US anyway.
I am in the middle of building, rebuilding and then again (!) a multband
ssb rig which uses a synthesiser which was designed, but never marketed
by Jandek in UK; he is not now trading. Many firms here are finding it
very hard as new regualtions have come into force whereby all kits and
ready made gear has to be type approved. This means a hefty cost per kit
and smaller firms can't afford to carry on. Another benefit of belonging
to the European Economic Community. These are the guys who rule our roost
nowadays, with daft regulations, like stopping a local tomato grower from
selling his fruit because they were the wrong shape... However, I digress!
I suppose, getting back to the original point, you have a few options,
basically either a rig based on synthesisers or crystal mixing. The latter
seems, in my experience to be the easiest option.
I hope these notes are of use, Bill.

Frank G3YCC (G QRP 042)

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