Wilderness Radio NC-40A


From: rarland@epix.net
Date: Sat Jul 22 1995 - 01:24:16 EDT

I received my NC-40A yesterday (Thrusday), had a couple of my students
wind the torridal inductors (that's why I'm the teacher!), and commenced
construction at 1830 hours (EDT) this evening (Friday).

Three and one half hours (3 1/2) later I was done with the construction.
It took another 1/2 hour to align and tweek, but in about 4 hours, I had
gone from a baggie of parts to a functional transciever. It worked the
first time, and puts out 2 watts with a gel-cell rated at 12.66 volts.
Receiver draws about 17mA.

It has a few enhancements that my original NC-40 does not have and it
works great. The color scheme on the cabinet looks good and the
silkscreening on the front and rear panels is outstanding. I like the
clips on the side.....much easier to get into the rig for show and tell.

It is going with me to the Jonestown Mountain Repeater Assn hamfest
tomorrow and will be used in my QRP display. Hopefully I'll get somemore
people to sign up for NorCal and QRP ARCI.

73 rich

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