Re: A CMOS Super Keyer is born!


From: Bob Gobrick VO1DRB/WA6ERB (
Date: Tue Jul 11 1995 - 09:04:40 EDT


Just a little construction hint if you haven't picked this up before.
I'm no expert on this, but from what I understand most integrated circuit
(IC) chips have their legs flared a little so the automatic chip
inserting machine is able to pop these things into wave soldered printed
circuit boards - the "flare" has enough tension to hold the chip in place.

This is great if you happen to have an automatic chip insertion machine
in your hambrew shack. For the rest of us do the following:

Grab the chip (use the normal anti-static precautions) and roll the chip
with one side of the legs down on a hard surface (desktop) so that the
legs are perpendicular to the body (bend the flare out). Do the same for
the other side and now you have a chip that has it's leg perpendicular to
the body and A LOT easier to manually insert into the socket. This is
almost mandatory with the CMOS II Chip which I think is 40 pins -
otherwise you have the pleasure of watching one of the 40 deliccate legs
getting "bent" as you insert it - "The Horror Of It All"...

Anyway Craig - thanks for your comments and yes that CMOS II is a winner
- be curious to hear if the new CMOS III is smaller or not.

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

On Tue, 11 Jul
1995, Craig LaBarge wrote:

> Well, after toying with the idea for several months, I finally broke down and
> bought myself a CMOS Super Keyer II kit from Idiom Press. I particularly like
> little kits like this one. They don't take too long to build, so you don't
> have to wait long before you start playing. :-)
> Anyway...The only construction problem I had was getting the IC into the
> socket. Some of the pins got bent in transit and it was a real test of my
> patience to get them all into the socket! I stuffed it into a little aluminum
> enclosure made by LMB (looks cute). With baited breath, I connected the
> batteries...then...
> Voila! It worked. Oh boy! This is gonna be one fun little addition to the
> shack. Can't wait to load up the memories with: CQ FOX CQ FOX....
> 73, Craig WB3GCK


Bob Gobrick VO1DRB/WA6ERB/VE2DRB Newfoundland, Canada





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