Re: NQ7A Introduction to group


Date: Fri Jul 07 1995 - 16:29:28 EDT

>Hello Everybody:
> My name's Geoff Schecht, NQ7A. I just found out about this group
>various UG's and haven't heard much back.
> What's the current "hot" QRP rig out there? I have an MXM 40M xceiver
>that I almost have finished. I was madly chasing after Mizuho HF
>mini-rigs for a while but they're kinda expensive new for what's in
>them and I haven't found a used one yet. Ten-Tec stuff any good these
> What are the Europeans doing in the way of QRP kits these days?
>73's for now;
>Geoff Schecht NQ7A Austin, TX
>Hello Goeff, Welcome aboard the QRP BUS. I am relatively new to QRP but
have successfully built a 40/40 rig offerd by the QRP CLUB OF NEW ENGLAND.

What's hot? The QRP+ from Index Labs, in Gig Harbour, Washington.
And kits from NorCal as well as kits from various suppliers.
The ARK 40 comes to mind, this is a VFB kit.

I have a QRP+ and I like it very much.As a matter of fact it is now
my primary radio. I'm taking it to Quebec this August for about 10 days.
I plan to fly a kite that will pull up an antenna supplimented with
a counter poise. I'll be on the St Laurent river so there should be plenty
of wind. The river is 15 miles wide where we will be and gets wider
as we travel on towards the Gaspe penninsula.

The messages have been dwindling here for the past few weeks, so don't
be disappointed, I think some folks are on vacation.

73,de AA1IK


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