Re: Why an offset on HF?


From: Dave Williamson aa4zx/8 (
Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 19:44:03 EDT

>Most HF rigs, QRO or QRP, use a common VFO that determines both the
>transmit and receive frequency. With NO offset, you would have to
>"zero-beat" to the station you wish to QSO in order to be exactly on
>their frequency. Only problem is copying code while zero-beated, all
>you'll hear is the "thump thump thump" of the CW.

I've found a pretty easy and effective way to zero-beat using my FT-840, and
I suspect others on the list could adapt it to their rigs... with the '840,
one can select from a number of offsets, in 100 Hz increments. I usually
use 600 Hz. Knowing this, I set my RIT to be exactly 600 Hz up. When
tuning around, I leave the RIT in, and if I wanna work somebody, I zero-beat
'em, like I used to with my ol' TenTec Century 21, and then turn the RIT
off. Viola, I'm mighty durned close to smack dab on the other guy, and as
an added benny, the pitch is set just right now for the passband on my
DSP-59+, if I need it.

dave aa4zx/8
near elkins, wv

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