Re: Pixie 2 problems


From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 18:57:19 EDT


I can't recall my "early days" of the Pixie 2 but I originally had some
receive problems and I posted that you need to use an alkyline battery
(energizer etc) instead of an old zinc carbon one. That 9v battery change
did the trick for me.

Hmmm I wonder about the 3&4 being grounded - just checked and on my Dayton
board pins 3&4 on LM386 are tied together and grounded - so I guess it does
pay to check.

Good luck 73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

Hi all,
>I've noticed several folks have seen the Pixie 2 article in QRPp. If
>any are planning to use the printed circuit artwork, I would like point
>out an error. The schematic shows pins 3 and 4 of the 386 tied together.
>The artwork leaves pin 3 floating.
>I just finished building mine. I got the board at Dayton, but didn't
>have the time to play until recently. Am I the only to get a loud hum
>out of the receiver? No received signal, just a hum. Seems to transmit
>ok. Just curious.
>Oh well, back to the soldering iron.
>Dan WD8AAU ouch ouch (man is that iron hot)

        Bob Gobrick - VO1DRB/WA6ERB/VE2DRB - Newfoundland, Canada



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