Re: Ladderline Fiasco, Sartorially challenged radio enthusiasts


Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 19:53:21 EDT

(The thread was about eccentric ham behavior, and spotting hams in a crowd..
in a humorous vein)

Spotting the ham in the crowd.... hmmm. Easy. Three H/T radios on his
belt? Glazed expression? Glasses fixed with electrical tape? Pocket liner
in shirt pocket? Spaghetti stains on T-shirt? The most profound example of
bizarre ham attire I observed was in a Los Angeles area Ham swap meet. This
gentleman was wearing a safety orange jumpsuit ( way too short and too tight
for his profound girth) as well as a metal hard hat. At the top of the hard
hat was a BNC connector and a "duckie" antenna... as well as a length of RG58
going down to ONE of the radios on his belt. Well- I guess it made a good
groundplane at VHF. ;-)


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