Re: Why an offset on HF?


Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 16:33:06 EDT

Hi Paulette,
Oh, this is complicated. Offsets are something that I didn't really
understand until I was an Extra. It is not an easy subject, and I have never
seen a thorough exposition on offsets and zero beating. In an effort to
understand it myself, I have drafted up an excessively long article on this
issue of zero beating and offsets, complete with diagrams and labels on the
back (as in Alice's Restaurant). It is so long it might be suitable as a
short series (miniseries?) in one of our journals. It starts out discussing
D(irect) C(onversion) receivers, and then considers filters and single signal
superhets. Meanwhile, suffice to say that when your transmitter is properly
zero beat with an incoming station, both his RECEIVER VFO and your RECEIVER
VFO are set about 750-1000 away from his and your TRANSMITTER VFOs. And both
your and his transmitter are (hopefully) on the same frequency. If you're
interested in the why of all this, well, I'll try to get that article out.
 It is much easier with the pictures.
72, Preston WJ2V


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