From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 08:23:29 EDT

Mike Czuhajewski, WA8MCQ, has posted the Thursday nite time
of 1830 EDT (local) and that is fine. I am now located in
"sunny" MD. :-)

I was in Cancun, XE1-land, last part of last week, went "through"
the Dallas/FtWorth airport on Sunday and into BMI late Sunday
nite due to thunderboomers in the area.

I am sorry that I wasn't home when Jim Larson called to let me
know that the 40M band was open to KL7 land. Don't you know it
always happens when you're gone.

Sounds like FD was fun for all and I'm enjoying the postings.
I will not miss next year come rain or high water.

Will see the gang on Thursday nite. Be there be square.

dit dit de k5fo/3

p.s. I was doing 1,500W/meter**2 with solar power over the weekend.

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60  adams@sgi.com

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