ne30-40 low power out


Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 02:07:09 EDT

 -=> Quoting to Jess Gypin <=-

 TE> I had the motorboating problem too and found it got better once I
 Te> placed it in the case, however, it still isn't the greatest on the
 Te> sidetone at 1.5 watts. My output ajustment via r2 is not smooth. I can
 Te> either set it to .5 watts or it jumps to 1.5 watts.

 Te> 73 de Ted, KF8EE
  I have had the same problem. The other side effect is that the transmitted
  signal does not quite track with the receive. If you hook up another rig and
  listen as you tweek the power up, you will notice that the output tone drops
  in frequency. The front end is just getting saturated. I can squeeze mine
  all the way to almost 2 watts but the efficiency of the transmitter is lousy
  at that point. Even my two meter rig starts picking harmonic junk if I drive
  too hard. I talked with Dave about this and he suggests trying a 10 pf cap
  of a 5 pf at location C24 in the transmit mixer. I have not tried this yet so
  cannot attest to the outcome. Also, if you go back and carefully retweek
  the two caps C23 and C26 while tweeking the output pot, sometimes you can
  find a happy compromise. Just remember not to push down hard on the trims
  as the pressure will cause the thing to go out of wack when you let up on
  the adjustment....

  Good luck, I did work VE6zaa last night, so better than 1000 per watt at
  700 mils into an R7, not the most efficient antenna for the band!


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