Re: NE30-40 low power out


Date: Mon Jun 26 1995 - 17:31:32 EDT


Same problem that I have with mine. I talked with Dave NN1G about this and
that is a common occurence with the rig on this band. With real careful
tuning, I can get mine up to a whopping 1 watt out, but the quality of the
keyed signal goes in to the dumper. Dave had suggested changing one of the 5
pf caps in the TX mixer to 10 pf, but I don't have the schematic with me that
I marked it on. THat is about the best you can do with this rig, with a
little tweaking, you might be able to get a bit more out of it. Also, check
your power supply input voltage and make sure that you have as near to 13.8
as you can get, this will make a difference on the output power. Dave claims
that even the 40 meter version starts to get a little puny on output power
near 10 volts...

I am still in the process of dinking with mine to see if I can squeeze a bit
more out of it, but still manage to work a few even with the power putput


Jess N0TFI

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