Field Day Report


From: Johnson Russ (
Date: Mon Jun 26 1995 - 13:20:00 EDT

Well my plans to get the club to use my new QRP+ for Field Day didn't work
out too well. The others wanted to use a REAL rig ie Kenwood TS-690. That
was ok I guess even though they should have at least given the QRP+ a try.
 They started out at 5 watts but it wasn't long before the were turning the
power up to 15 watts then to 50 watts so I said why stop at 50 just turn the
thing up to 100 watts and forget QRP so they did.

When my turn came to operate I fired up the QRP+ and it really worked great.
 I don't have the log sheet printout yet ( used PC with CT logging program )
so can't recap the numbers yet but I had very good success on CW. I didn't
try SSB as I was the only CW Opp this year.

My first session was 2:00 to 4:30 am Sunday morning on 80 Meters. Ran at
about 25 per hour rate with one half hour with 25 contacts. It was all
search and pounce as calling CQ didn't seem to net as many contacts. About
6:00 am Sunday I tried 40 for a while then the phone guys took over again.

There were two guys interested in the QRP+ and were very impressed with it
but would not operate the EVENT ( see Chuck, I remember it's NOT a CONTEST!
hi hi ). We did play around on 30 Meters a bit but the receiver was not
happy with the other rig on 40 so next year I think I'll try band pass
filters for 30, 12, and 17.

We had a fair turnout of ops, only a few hours of rain, and only one BIG
thunderstorm ( 2 inches of rain in 40 minutes ) so another sucessfull Field

Hope you all had fun too.

Russ Johnson N9RJ

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