4-Square Vertical Phased Array


From: RobCap@aol.com
Date: Mon Jun 26 1995 - 10:50:21 EDT

Hello again. This year I used for Field Day a pair of "walking stick"
verticals fed in phase, which provides a figure-8 pattern of gain (about
4db), broadside to the array. It worked great!

Encouraged by the results, I would like to experiment with a 4-Square
Vertical Phased Array for next year, so that I can control the direction of
gain from the operating position.

Does anybody happen to know whether or not there is either:

a) a commercial manufacturer of a phasing control box for such an array, or

b) a publication with easy to follow construction plans for building such a

I'm not monitoring the traffic on the QRP-list, so please address your
response to me directly.

Thanks again.



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