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Date: Sat Jun 17 1995 - 18:01:36 EDT

Hello QRP-L Gang!

Just got back from the NWQRP meeting at Andy's Diner in Seattle. 12 people
showed and we discussed the club's plans for Field Day at Bay Center, WA as
W7RX/7. Bill, N7MOB, brought his "Spam Radio" built into a <guess> SPAM can.
He also had a portable vertical made from PVC joints, dowels rods, and hookup
wire. The wire is helically wound so the antenna is quite small. He uses
it while kayaking and phases two when he can to extend his range. Listen
for him from around the world (he travels alot.)

Someone also brought a keyer connected to a mouse. The guts of the mouse had
been removed. The buttons serve as the left and right paddles of a key.
Had a strange mixture of familiarity and strangeness to it <hi>.

Bruce and Stan (of Index fame) were there as well and had a few tips about
the QRP Plus: jam a dime into the cw power shaft on the back. Leave the
dime in there as a knob. There will be a new eprom in the future to give
the keyer more speed options as well as update some other functions. When?
I don't know.

Personally, I have a spherical "knob" made from one of those knapsack-cord
sinchers (you know: with the spring and a button inside) that fits just
over the shaft when the button is pushed in.

For FD we will have two regular transmitters plus a packet transmitter
and a novice/tech+ station. All will be qrp+s. My partner, Marcia, will
head up the novice effort (if her call is in the FCC database in time). She
passed the test two weeks ago today. I have a feeling the results were
NOT sent electronically.

Go Field Day!

--Brian, KV9X

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