Thanks to all (so far?)


Date: Wed Jun 14 1995 - 08:15:54 EDT

On a relatively esoteric question of 70-75 ohm twinlead, I had 10
immediate responses with very helpful information, with some going out of
their way to see if they had or could get the stuff from their sources.
That is an amazingly helpful record for any finite collection of hams
(450+?). To all who sent messages, my thanks. And my appreciation of
the spirit of this net--may it continue as what my father (1ATG and still
a ham at 89) taught me was the spirit of amateur radio.

Kudos also to jim, the net wizard: my cc to myself, which only went as
far as the local VAX machine, was timed only 1 minute faster than the net
distribution copy, which was the next message on my incoming list. Now
that's fast. I sometimes think Ma Bell puts more time delays into her
circuits than this.

Every time I want to cuss out the bad manners, QRM, and other bad
operating practices on the air, I think of this group, smile, and keep on
working. Thanks!

And, of yes, anything further on transmitting 75-ohm twinlead will be
appreciated. I'll summarze what I discover, since it appears that while
a number used to use the stuff and quit, there are still some pretty fair
uses for it today. The balun does not have to go at the monoband dipole
junction: it can go at the shack entrance, with 75-ohm twinlead to the
antenna. Prabably would save a little weight on the wire. THat's just one.

Thanks again.


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