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From: James M Fitton 508 960 2577 (
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 22:18:00 EDT

For my money, the simplest, lightest, easiest and QUICKEST
to erect portable antenna requiring only one support,
is the endfed random wire. (With a few 1/4 wave counterpoise
wires running along the ground/floor/balcony etc....)
Get the far end up high as you can................
Experiment at home with antenna length, and shave inches off
the near end of your antenna wire til it tunes up where you
want it - mid range of your variable capacitor adjustments.
Tiny transistor radio broadcast variable caps should do just
fine...... Mine are 150pf variables. Experiment, keep a
notebook, and send your results to K1LGQ at QRP-NE.

We need your articles !

The Tuner on page 167, Fig. 60, "Solid State Design" with
tuning indicator, is quite efficient for 1 band (maybe 2),
works very well and can be made tiny. Bridge Theory appears
on pg.153
I have worked from hotel room in CA, to W1 land with 40-40
and NC40 with this ant., tuner, and SWR indicator (which is
removed after tuner is adjusted) BNC connectors
are small, quick and easy to connect and disconnect.

Indicator on Pg 150 also works VERY well and can be made
quite tiny. Loss through this indicator is less than .1 watt.
I have used this as a tuning indicator for years and on weak
signals, take it out of the feedline path after tuning up my
single wire antenna.

Regardless of what they say, higher is better !

72 Jim W1FMR

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