Re: Backpackable Antennas


Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 21:41:13 EDT

Personally, for lightweight and hassle-free portable/emergency antennas, I
like feeding all-band dipoles with 300 ohm TV line and a tuner. If the rig
is monoband, then RG-58 and a standard dipole?

Where some people add too much weight and bulk is in the antenna wire and
insulators. I find that stranded wire with a plastic jacket works great when
you have to use it repeatedly, or string it through trees. So-called
"antenna wire" gets caught and is too large of a gauge; also too hard to work
with. Use a thick enough gauge for the antenna to support it's own weight;
the weight of the feedline and the nylon string you'll use for guys.
 Insulators... need not be the big ceramic things out of a 1950's horror
film. Strips of lucite 1/8" by 3/4" by 2" are OK for the ends, 2" by 2" is
OK for the center.

I've heard of a few folded dipole designs which use 300 ohm line for the
antenna AND FEEDLINE. I think the feed must be a special length for 50 ohms
resistive at frequency. These may be lighter, and another way to go. Anyone
else know about these? Of course these are mono-band only.

72, Jay WB6AAM

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