Jim E. does it again


From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 16:46:52 EDT


Another round of applause for Jim Eshleman
<lujce@hooch.CC.Lehigh.EDU>, owner of the system for qrp-l

This morning he said that he would look at the possibility
of getting a program to do what I outlined, i.e. put in
two calls, go to FCC database, then to geo to get lat/long,
and then run gc. It works.

It may need a thorough checkout, so at first test drive with
care and let him know (and the group, if it's not too much)
how you like it.

send email to LISTSERV@LEHIGH.EDU and in body put


where CALL1 and CALL2 are in the FCC database. Sorry,
this will not work for DX calls.

I think you'll like it. I tried K5FO and W7DNE and I got

Output from stdout:
K5FO ZIP = 75067
W7DNE ZIP = 98620

K5FO Lat/Long = 33 02 46 N 96 59 38 W
W7DNE Lat/Long = 45 49 15 N 120 49 14 W

Output from "gc 33.0276N96.5963W 45.4925N120.4923W":

Bearing is 312 Degrees for 1336 Nautical Miles = 1537 Miles = 2474 Km

The above agrees exactly with what I get from my own program and the
database that I use all the time. Works for me.......

Now have we got this down to a science or what?

If you send one email with several lines requesting distance
calculations, you'll get them but in seperate messages back
from the server. Not a problem for me, but be aware that it
does happen.

dit dit es tnx Jim again for a job well done. He's got too much
time on his hands.


Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60  adams@sgi.com

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