Re: Backpackable Antennas


From: Al Suttles (
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 14:26:58 EDT

Mike, you might want to take a look at the 'Build an HF Walking Stick
Antenna' in the December QST. Two others to look at might be 'A Fishing
Tackle HF Station To Go' in the November QST and 'Backpacking Troop 404
Style' in the October issue.

If you'll read back through the postings of the past three weeks of QRP-L
you'll find some excellent ideas. One that stands out particularly was a
posting on the subject of antennas by Stu Rohre sometime during the past
ten days.

PS: I'm in the process of building the 'Walking Stick Antenna' and will
let you know the results. It might be ideal for your purposes since it
can actually be used as a walking stick and will take only four our five
minutes to set up when you get to your campsite (practice ahead of time!).

To build mine, I'm actually combining ideas from the QST article and from
another entitled, oddly, 'The Portable Random Wire Antenna' in the January
QRP Quarterly. I say 'oddly' because it's not about a random wire vertical
at all, but rather a vertical very similar to the walking stick antenna
which is made from nested aluminum tubing. But except for the odd title
the article was excellent. I will be using radials with mine.

Happy trails!

Al Suttles AB5ZB
Austin, TX

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