40 meter "tent portable"


From: John Foote (footej@hn.va.nec.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 12:24:34 EDT

     Chatted last night at 7.050 with KB4UCT, who was in Cumberland Tenn.
     in a tent, with an MFJ and a dipole up 15 ft.
     I was p;easantly surprised. He 589 with 5 watts. I worked him at 5
     watts from my end.
     He and a friend are on a motorcycle trip to Arizona over the next
     little while.
     He has a sched. every night at 8 PM eastern with a KB4VJI, and invited
     me to join them tonight.
     In case I don't catch him with his little dipole, and since he
     cordially invited me to jump into his sked., I thought the rest of the
     group might want to look for him.
     His first name is Ernie. I haven't taken the time to look up his last
     name and home QTH yet.
     Look for him (and me) at about 7.050 every night for a while at 8 PM
     eastern. (I suppose that time will change as he moves west.)
     Had a great time for at least 45 minutes with him. I guess once it
     gets dark there isn't much else to do in your tent but chat with your
     friends in the ether if you're a radio nut.
     72 de KR4GL
     John Foote

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