Birdies in my ear...


Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 12:20:17 EDT

To HW-9 owners:

   I recently picked up an HW-9 station, and after going through the alignment
I'm interested in some information from others with experience.

   How many and where are the birdies located in your rig?
    Maybe I should ask only on 40M so it doesn't take a week to log them :)

   I found when setting up the VFO range that the trimmer on the main tuning
capacitor is backed way out... far from any position that would be
mechanically stable. I'm going to look into reducing the capacitance in
parallel with C1 to get the trimmer into the "snug" range. Is this normal?

   After I got the rig, I called about 10 stations with no replies...??? QRP
normally is easy. That's what prompted the alignment. I found that by tuning
in a station on the ICOM 750 and the HW-9, then putting the HW-9 on the dummy
load and transmitting, that my RX to TX offset was almost 4 Khz... no wonder I
didn't hear any replies :)

   The RIT circuit was misadjusted (I think the control was called TX tracking
or something) causing the large offset.

   After the adjustments, three stations in a row! Two in the 40 M novice
band, and one at 7040 (CA to MT). I knew qrp was easy :)
                           Bruce aa7ar/6

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