QRP thumb cw 100 yd DX.


From: bruce.florip@amail.amdahl.com
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 12:00:07 EDT

Hi All,

     Just a quick story that I think will illustrate how a true CW-man can
make the best of a situation.

     At the monthly "Livermore Ham-Swap" in Livermore California, my friend
and I had a pick-up truck load of "junk" for sale. About the only thing of
value was the Atlas 350-XL sitting on a folding table. The Atlas was running
from a gel cell, and the hustler whip was on the roof of the truck. Just to
keep people interested, I was monitoring around 7040 khz.

     Up walks Doug Hendricks to see what we're selling and to say Hi! I told
him we could copy Wayne (Burdick N6KR) down the parking lot on his NorCal 40A.
He says great! "Where's the key?" I said I only brought the mike... no key...

     Somehow we thought... Let's plug the mike into the key jack and try the
Push to Talk Switch... IT WORKS... Doug grabs the key (mike) and calls
Wayne! Got Him! 100 yard DX! They had a nice chat and signed... Success...
I heard somebody say "He sends better with his thumb than I do with my

     These QRPers are a great group!

     By the way, the Wilderness Radio NC-40a sounded great. Bob and Wayne had
a full size 40M dipole hung from a lamp post and two trucks. I listened while
Wayne did demo QSOs all over the country during the swap. Mine is on onder!

                  Thats it for now... Bruce AA7AR/6

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