Re: Is it still winter??


From: Paul Harden (
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 11:54:54 EDT

Actually your snow fall sounds a bit refreshing. It has been in the
mid-90's here in the southwest desert for a couple of weeks and
definitely feels like summer. Been very dry (zero snow here all
winter), but autumn type thunderstorms past few evenings. No rain
out of them, but plenty of lightning.

Tried to hear Chuck last nite on 40M, but way too much QRM here. Will
try again tonite to hear Chuck on 30 and 40M as he mentioned.

How about everybody else? Lets try out 10.106 and 7.040 after dinner
for the rest of the week if your schedules allow and see if we can
hook up? Mini fox hunt!

72, Paul NA5N

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