Re: Is it still winter??


From: chuck adams (
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 10:55:48 EDT

Larry, W1HUE/7, was commenting on his snow. Hey, we'll take some.
It's going over 95 degrees F today here in Big-D.

I was on last night and I can tell you why there was so much QRN.
Thunderboomers just to the north of me really made listening a
joy. :-) I can assure you that the AGC in the Sierra was popping
quite frequently. I didn't hear anything on the band but 9s and
some 6s for 0200-0500Z. An occasional 5, but noone of any strength.

Hopefully tonight it won't be as bad.

Tell you what. I'll start out on 30M, 10.106 and up some 5 to 10KHz
as band occupancy determines. Will remain there for an hour or so.
We'll see how 30M is doing. I noted that the GC-1000 was locked on
10MHz WWV until well after midnight.

dit dit

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60

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