Alaska Ramblings 6-6-95 UTC


Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 02:30:10 EDT

Greetings from Alaska! My turn to post a bit of news/trivia.

Tonight I worked 2-way QRP with AA6AV at 0520-0534Z 6/6.
I spent 10 minutes trying for KE6JJP on 7.109 from 0537-0547 6/6

What's it sound like up here? (I hear you all talking about the QRM)

At 0555Z 6/6 here is a band scan listing:
   W7HOR CQ on 7033
   NX6H CQ on 7044
   a station on 7038,
   one on 7004 and
   a very weak one on 7016.

That is it. It would be interesting to find out what the stations are
running for antennas. I think (underlined) AA6AV was using a G5RV.

I was running 4 watts to a G5RV at 37 feet.
6/5 UTC notes

I called CQ on 7039.9 for 0535-0545 with no answers.
kd6hvn de ke6csl on 7114 at 0547
ko6ez cq on 7046 but he sounded QRO.
NH6SV, Dave, at 0553 on 7040.2 but he never hears me. (Not the first time I
tried to reach him.)

So excuse the bandwidth use, but I am having fun.

To all who responded about antennas......
Thank you for your time. I am going to try for a Delta Loop centered on due
East (That is on central Illinois from here). And if possible (will be very
difficult) I will add a reflector. I hope the antenna beam width will cover
the entire US. Any feedback on beam width?

Good night for now.

Jim Larsen
Anchorage, Alaska

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