Results of the SSB QRP Fox Hunts 1994-95


From: Doyle, Ron (doyler@uh2297p01.daytonoh.ATTGIS.COM)
Date: Thu May 25 1995 - 11:15:00 EDT

Thanks for the opportunity and the recognition on qrp-l.

Steve writes:
>prizes are courtesy of Warren AD4ZE and myself...thank you, Warren.

You 2 are the right examples of ham operator and promoting the hobby. Good
job guys!

Chuck, k5fo, Steve, ab4el, and Warren, ad4ze should all get maximum kudos
from the rest of us for organizing and sponsoring 2 fun filled events. They
are showing us by example how Amateur Radio should be done.

I know there are a lot more of you out there providing the right examples to
the rest of us. To all of you, Thanks! And I look forward to following your

>From one who has benefited by Amateur Radio and those who are in it and
grateful for the opportunity.

73 de
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  AT&T GIS - Dayton
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