Re: QRP Plus


Date: Thu May 25 1995 - 14:48:57 EDT

> I gather from the posts the mass order from this fine group have not been
> shipped from INDEX LABS...would anyone be interested in bailing out.

Add me to the "bail out list" too!

/eric rehm
(206) 865-8904 (w)

p.s. Status of Index Labs QRP+ production and group order

I called Bruce Franklin at Index Labs today. (It's a local call...)

Current status of the group QRP+ order: Index Labs is now
Working through the order. They've shipped a few already. A few
more will go out tomorrow. By the end of next week bulk of the
group order will be shipped.

In about 6 weeks, the recently doubled QRP+ production capacity will
allow Bruce to fill his other backlogged orders. At that time (mid-July),
he's willing to entertain another QRP-L (discounted) group purchase.
(He will not consider a discounted group order until then because he doesn't
feel like he can ship them in the timely fashion that he would like.)

/eric rehm

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