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From: JessQRP@aol.com
Date: Thu May 25 1995 - 15:04:11 EDT

I have been following this line for a bit and find it veryh interesting.
Brian Carling notes that you should avoid a vertical at all costs, why?

I have used dipoles and long wires and G5RV multi banders (worst of the group
I might add, but ok as long as you don't have room for monoband dipoles) and
currently using an R7 vertical with my SWL-40. The bottom line of the whole
deal is that as long as you have the most efficient antenna possible (read as
big, long, as low an SWR as possible) mounted as high as possible, you will
do just fine. Verticals work well as good comprimise antennas for working
local as well as DX, dipoles are great because they are quieter that
verticals, but not as loud to DX. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If
you are going to be working a single band, or a couple of bands, then a
monoband dipole, delta loop, x beam, vertical, half square, etc., will serve
you well. If you want to work a lot of bands and don't have a lot of real
estate to hang wires, then a good multiband vertical with a good ground
radial system will serve you as well. Just in my non-scientific experience, I
ran a well tuned monoband dipole for 40 meters at 50 feet for about a year,
and then put in a R7 vertical and could switch back and forth between the 2
for comparison. The R7 always had more QRN, but the signals were also always
louder expect for very short skip (less than 600 miles) and the R7 for
transmit would always equal or exceed the dipole to 1000 miles for transmit,
but at distances greater than that,for DX, the R7 blew the dipole in the
weeds. A freind of mine has a Mosely PRO67 at 80 feet with 2 elements on 40
and I work 80 % of the DX that he works at 100 watt QRO levels. It is really
more dependent on skills and ears and perserverence then power (QRP

Bottom line. Put up the most efficient antenna you have room for (big, high,
low SWR) and have fun. And if someone says that there is no way you can crack
a huge pile up to 7P8 (Lesotho) with 1 watt into a R7 vertical, spit in their
eye and prove them wrong!

I have gotten 20 countries and about 18 states with the NN1G SWL 40 all on 1
1/2 watts into an R7 on the ground. Not bragging, just give whatever a try
but the main thing is to have fun!

72/73 Jess N0TFI

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