From: chuck adams (
Date: Thu May 25 1995 - 12:05:26 EDT


Sorry about that. Yesterday I tried to move the
Novices up. Hey, they do CW and I think they should
be able to go anywhere with the code. :-)

 160M 1.810
  80M 3.560 3.985
  40M 7.040 7.110 7.285
  40M 7.030 (G-QRP)
  30M 10.106
  30M 10.116 (G-QRP)
  20M 14.060 14.285
  15M 21.060 21.110 21.385
  12M 24.900 24.985
  10M 28.060 28.110 28.885
   6M 50.360 50.385

I don't have anything for 17M, but that doesn't mean

I stopped at Sam's this morning to pick up a couple more
of those fantasic Panasonic 9V NiCads and I'm sorry to
report that Sam's no longer carries rechargeable batteries
of any time. Bummer.

In the spirit of wishing to help everyone, I have placed
in pub/listserv/qrp-l/forms directory files called,,,, and These are log forms for
QRP ARCI contests. The reason for four pages; simple, the
first has lines 1-25, second page for 26-50, third page for
51-75, and the last page for 76-00. There is room to add
a digit in front of the 00 for whichever 100 increment
for those of you who are really tearing up the airwaves with
rapid fire contest exchanges. gl n tst (contest abbreviation
for 'good luck in the contest'). Copy these, print them, and
give them to your friends. I'll try in the next 24 hours to
get a summary sheet in PostScript form too. I had one at one
time, but alas I can't find it in the 4GB of storage that I

dit dit

Chuck Adams  K5FO  CP-60

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