Re: HootOwl Coming Up Soon


Date: Thu May 25 1995 - 09:22:39 EDT

Joe and All -

The Hootowl is not intended to be a "Homebrew" contest, and as such there are
no bonus points for using homebrew gear. Check out the contest listing on
page 30 of the April QQ.

On the previous page, in the listing for the Summer Homebrew Sprint, the
Bonus Points and definition are included in rules listing.

I may have confused the issue when I transformed one set of rules into
another in the word processer. In the Scoring section of the Hootowl rules, I
left the words "Bonus Points" in the scoring equation when they should have
been zapped out. My apologies to all for this, we do experience cockpit
problems from time to time.

And one last note, if you note a discrepancy between the rules as published
in the QQ and any other radio magazine, ignore the other magazine. They
sometimes don't print what I send them. QQ rules rule.


Cam N6GA

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