K5FO coming to Washington DC area


From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org)
Date: Thu May 25 1995 - 07:26:27 EDT

Chuck Adams, K5FO, is coming to Silver Spring, MD again, and this time
his system is letting us know in advance rather than holding all his
outgoing mail until after he gets back home...isn't the computer age
wonderful? :-) He says he'll be at the Holiday Inn in Silver Spring
on Saturday, but not really available until Monday. Accordingly, we
have pretty much agreed that we'll meet him at the Holiday Inn at 1900
hours local time on Mon and then proceed to some nearby eatery above the
McBurger-class. So far we have WA8MCQ, WO3B and W6TOY planning on it,
and anyone else who wants to come is quite welcome. (Brian--how about
it?) For those of you interested but not sure where it is, Silver
Spring is a suburb of Washington just to the north across the DC line
but inside the beltway. 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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