Re: Pixie 2....The Bad News?....


From: Dana Myers (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 19:08:46 EDT

> From Wed May 17 15:57:02 1995

> I will admit that I have not put my scope on the output of my 300 mw Pixie.
> And also it's been a while since I calibrated my OHR QRP wattmeter.
> I won't comment on the circuit as much to say that yous get what yous pay for.
> Finally if you want to read a real "rain on the parade" article check out
> Doug Demaws W1FB column in the latest issue of CQ magazine. He really gets
> on the QRP designers about the inadequacy of the final tank circuit design
> in their designs. It appears spectrally that the single and double stage
> output networks are not so clean on second and third harmonic suppression -
> look what this new design software is doing to our hobby....

I'm not sure what this means. Modeling output networks is pretty
straightforward; even modeling the output amplifier is not terribly
difficult. Getting an idea about the spectral purity of a given
transmitter is not difficult.

Of course, a wavemeter (i.e., a tuned wattmeter) is extremely
valuable to investigate harmonic energy. DeMaw describes this
in Solid State Design, as I recall.

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