Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 17:08:21 EDT

I have tried a number of center-fed all-band antennas, but not the G5RV.
 Currently my antenna is about 130' center-fed with 450 ohm ladder line. It
is the best of the all-banders so far. Since the SWR will be high on some
bands, keeping the losses down is the name of the game. The ladder line
helps there, but it has other advantages over coax: it doesn't cost nearly as
much, it's not as heavy, and there is no shield braid or PL-259 to get loaded
with water. ( No matter what method of waterproofing I used, there was always
some water in the connector when I did maintenance every couple of years.
 It's no fun peeling coax seal or RTV off a connector either.) It isn't as
hard as people let on to feed ladder line into the shack. Use some
ingenuity. Pay some attention to your tuner no matter which antenna you use.
 For a balanced feed, a link-coupled tuner would be good. I'm slowly
building one, but my MFJ 948 with a homebrew balun is doing fine now.


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