Re: Modest Proposal/SMT rig


From: John F. Woods (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 13:23:54 EDT

It occurs to me that surface mount would adapt itself pretty well to a
modular experimental rig, something like the 10MHz/18MHz receiver in
QRP Classics and the '92 Handbook, but with modules about a quarter the
size or less (think of it as large homebrewed ICs).

This idea has the advantage that someone could simply step forward with, say,
a surface mount VFO or audio amp design for people to reproduce and play with.

Hmm. DigiKey has a surface mount LM1877 (dual power audio amp), and a surface
mount LM1496 mixer. Hmm, no obvious candidates for a PA transistor in SMT,
but they do have varactors in surface mount (Zetex FMMV109CT looks like
a fairly good choice, ~30pF nominal max and a 5.0-6.5 ratio over 30 volts).

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