I-net rig? Doug Hendricks has the winning formula


From: Glen Leinweber (leinwebe@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA)
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 11:53:29 EDT

Doug Hendricks made some TERRIFIC suggestions about
handling a group project...re-read what he had to say.

I think the most important item was having ONE person
in charge of a project.
        All the excellent products I can think of were the
brainchild of an idividuals effort. Someone sees an
unfullfilled need, and takes it upon himself/herself to
meet that need. It turns out that many others have the
same need too.
        I think Doug has developed a winning formula
for marrying technical expertise to a production/distribution
Glen Leinweber VE3DNL leinwebe@mcmail.mcmaster.ca

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