MFJ-941D modification


From: Michael S. Dooley (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 09:40:07 EDT

    To those who were interested (or not so interested) in the mod I did
to the MFJ941D I need to add one important piece of information. That is:
the idea for the mod started during dinner with Jeff Anderson (WA6AHL), Dave
Benson (NN1G) and I while we were all in San Jose on business last year...
Actually Jeff lives there. Jeff has also done the same mod to the same
type tuner with excellant results.
    For the uninitiated... The mod involves building the circuit described
by Doug Demaw in an issue of CQ... gosh I think it was late 1993 that issue
came out. Anyway, the bridge in the MFJ tuner is replaced with this new
circuit and, Jeff and I will attest, the sensitivity of the SWR measurements
goes up dramatically. Makes a fairly good tuner into a real good QRP tuner.

Mike KE4PC

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