Re: Modest Proposal (on SMC kits)


From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 09:25:21 EDT


I think you are absolutely right-on with your observations. I would like to
see a real starter-kit on SMC. An exercise to see if I really am equipped
and capable to delve into SMC work. If is doesn't work out I don't want to
be out $100. I remember a few years ago I tried to buy a LM386 like SMC kit
from an outfit in the UK that (Blue Rose or something like that) that had
one or two of these 'starter" kits. I seem to recollect that Popular
Electronics also had something recently on an SMC kit (albeit they were not
ham releated - a NE555 with flashing lights or something).

Anyway I'm trying to get some interest in this area and hopefully a local
club or "cluster" group can get together and carry the project forward. I
thing everyone who wants to participate in this qrp-l project needs to read
Doug Hendricks posting on the QRP-L Rig. We know for a fact that he speaks
the truth - the track record of Norcal demonstrates that.

I still think what we can do here on the qrp-l is to get the general
"knowledge" base up and encourgage a local club to step forward to "manage"
the project. The QRP-L is a good forum to "brainstorm" ideas (a valuable
asset) but I don't think it is capable as a "committee" to manage the
project (Boy this is started to sound like work... I'm out of here... ;-)

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB
>As part of the project, perhaps the kitter organization can also make up
>kits of the proper tool set that builders need for SMC construction: the
>right magnifier, soldering iron, tweezers, 3rd-hand mechanisms, etc.,
>with perhaps a small practice board with an SMC AF amp as a warm-up.
>When Heathkit started using transistors, they added a page of instruction
>on soldering them. Later, with PC boards, they added a page of
>instruction on how to handle parts placement and soldering--all things we
>take for granted nowadays. I'll bet a hobbyist SMC learning kit, with a
>good instruction manual, would have a sales potential well beyond this
>net, even beyond all the qrp club members of all the clubs in the world.
>I remember ruining many a component in my first attempt to solder
>together a circuit (I broke capacitor leads at the cap body with great
>regularity for bad practice reasons I no longer remember). A practice
>kit with a practical (but not necessarily on-the-air) use, the right
>tools, and the right instruction for non-mass-production techniques might
>go a long way toward building builder confidence in SMC.

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