Re: Pixie 2 - "Build it" Rig from Dayton


From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 09:25:06 EDT


Yea - I think I'd go crazy after hearing that cw tape blasting all weekend - hi.

That antenna stall I think was WD4BUM - I think he is there every year -
good stuff. What kind of mag mount did you get -one of those gigantic ones
to hold the 30 meter hamstick? Can you drive with it? One of my cars (the
one my wife has) I went ahead and installed a Hustler ball mount on the left
rear side panel and it has always worked well. I now have my wifes Nissan
station wagen on the job here in Newfoundland and I am thinking of drilling
a hole and mounting a ball mount there but I keep thinking that maybe I
should just buy a heavy duty mag mount or one of those fancy heavy duty
Diawa type gutter/rear hatch mounts. Any ideas?

>OBQRP - Across the aisle was an antenna dealer with nice mag mounts. I got one
>for my 30 meter hamstick. I intend to use it sometime this summer fixed
>portable with my NE 30-40 for the QRP propagation study. Haven't fired up the
>rig into it yet but my RF-1 says the SWR is under 1.5:1. I may try it out
>lunchtimes from work, but you didn't hear that from me!
>Joe E. N2CX

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